Special Lecture sponsored by Hurley Heritage Society
Winslow Homer in the 1870s – The Hurley Years
Speaker: Reilly Rhodes
Date: Wednesday, January 8, 2020
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Hurley Reformed Church, 11 Main St., Hurley NY
>>> Free Admission. Refreshments served. <<<
   Many residents of Ulster County are aware that the world-renowned artist Winslow Homer spent time in Hurley and painted his famous Snap the Whip here. However, little was known about what else he might have painted here until about three years ago when author Reilly Rhodes started asking questions. Rhodes, who has studied and collected the early works of Homer for over 20 years, had a hunch that many other Homer paintings and wood engravings of the 1870s were scenes taken from the Hurley landscape. He worked with the Hurley historian, the Hurley Heritage Society, and other sources to collect vintage images and historical accounts supporting his case that more than 30 of Homer’s works were inspired by Hurley. It is astounding that such a large trove of new details are being revealed about an artist who has been intensely studied by myriad scholars for over 100 years. Rhodes refers to Hurley as “ground zero” of his latest research. His 2017 book Winslow Homer: From Poetry to Fiction includes his Hurley research up to that time and was the inspiration for the Hurley Museum’s 2019 Homer exhibit. This lecture is a rare opportunity to hear from the author himself about his journey of discovery which continues even now.  Come and be treated to an artful panorama of American rural life in the mid-nineteenth century.
“… [This is] thorough and truly groundbreaking research [Rhodes has] done in documenting Homer’s activities—and his precise whereabouts—in the 1870s.”  Franklin Kelly, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, National Gallery of Art, 11/13/2019
About Reilly Rhodes
Reilly Rhodes is an art historian, curator and author based in southern California who has studied and collected the works of Winslow Homer and published two books on the subject. Since the late 1960s, he has held top administrative positions at seven museums including the Seattle Museum of History and Industry, the Detroit Institute of Arts, and the Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art. In 1996, he founded Contemporary and Modern Print Exhibitions, a service that plans and organizes exhibitions of American and European art for museums. His research on the early work of Winslow Homer began more than twenty years ago with a touring exhibition sponsored by the IBM Corporation. Rhodes is the author of Winslow Homer from Poetry to Fiction, which was given a four out of four-star rating by the onlinebookclub in 2017.
Picture caption
Snap the Whip, Winslow Homer, 1872, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.
email content by Gail Whistance,curator of the Winslow Homer exhibit at the Hurley Heritage Society museum, 2019- 2020